thrilled to be invited to the San Antonio Book Festival on 5 april!

by Natalia Trevino

I just heard this morning that I am invited to participate in the San Antonio Book Festival! It was a joy to go last year and enjoy all the writers I love, Carmen Tafolla, Sandra Cisneros, Reyna Grande, Laurie Ann Guerrero, Erasmo Guerra, and so many more! It will be strange and amazing to be on the other side of the mic if they ask me to do a reading and on the other side of the pen when I do my signings. Looking forward to a beautiful day in April. I'll post details as I learn of them! I remember seeing Alice Walker at the San Antonio Book Fair many many years ago when I was an undergrad at UTSA. I was awestruck, and I always loaned that book to students when they needed it. I lost that book somewhere along the way, but I remember her face clearly. I remember her reading, and her discussion being on the angry side. She was in discussion with Linda Hogan. What a memory. I am so glad a book festival is coming again. Thanks to the hard work of those at the San Antonio Library Foundation. Please click on their site and look at the events as they unfold, and with so much of their efforts depending on volunteers, please also give them a hug$ if you can. San Antonio needs to increase literacy, and these people are dedicated to doing it. San Antonio Book Festival